Women’s Only Self-Defence Seminar November 10th

Glenmore Martial Arts is hosting another Women’s-Only Self Defence Seminar! Our Women’s-Only Self Defence Seminars provide ladies with an hour & a half of focused training on real-life self defence scenarios that women may encounter, and provide you with techniques to protect yourself & neutralise whatever threats life may throw at you.

This upcoming seminar will be held on Saturday, November 10th from 2:00-3:30 pm. Price per attendee is $45, or $35 each if purchasing for two or more attendees.

To register: call us at 250-868-8690 or email glenmoremartialarts@gmail.com

This seminar will be led by Master Kevin Serwa, 4th-Degree Taekwondo Black Belt and Krav-Maga expert. He has a wealth of knowledge related to both traditional martial arts and practical self-defence, and his goal is to ensure that every woman who attends this seminar is fully equipped to defend themselves anywhere they may encounter a threat.

In addition to street-smarts and self defence techniques, this seminar will help ladies build the confidence to go where they want and fully explore all that the Okanagan has to offer!

Strong women help create a stronger, safer community. We truly hope to see lots of women at this seminar, register now to reserve your space at this great event!

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