Weapons Seminar 2019 – Saturday March 9th 2:00-3:00

Are you interested in learning how to use traditional weapons such as Nunchucks, Escrima Sticks, Bo Staff or Bronze Sword? If so, our Weapons Seminar is right up your alley!

Saturday, March 9th 2:00-3:00 pm is the date for our 2019 Weapons Seminar. This seminar was a huge hit last year and we are very excited to bring it back for 2019! As this seminar you will learn all about how to use these traditional martial arts weapons in a safe, controlled environment. These weapons become a part of the taekwondo curriculum at higher belt ranks, so this seminar is great for advanced taekwondo students as well as anyone interested about the weapons and how to use them (no prior martial arts experience required).

The price for our Weapons Seminar is $50 per attendee, or $40 each if booking two or more attendees. 

Call 250-868-8690 or email glenmoremartialarts@gmail.com to register. Space is limited, so book now to reserve your spot at this awesome seminar!

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