Our Open Door Policy

We think we have one of the best programs out there for Child Development and Self Defence skills for all ages. We do this in a fun and safe environment, where skills are learned over time, and on an individual basis. Belts and promotions are not just given out, they are fully earned and based on the individuals’ abilities. Our instructors teach with passion and care, and hold themselves and the students to the highest standards possible.

On top of this, we have a very black and white membership contract with simple and easy policies to follow. Our Regular ongoing memberships are month-to-month with a month’s (31 days as per the contract) written notice to change or cancel . There are no cancellation fees or long term contracts for our Regular ongoing (month to month) membership. The only policy is 31 days written (email) notice to cancel or make a change. We also allow members to do make up classes on every Friday of each week just in case they missed one of their regular scheduled classes, free of charge to make sure our members get the most out of their memberships. We feel this is one of the most fair and best memberships around.

We treat all our members as equals, charge the same rates and enforce the same policy for all. This makes it very clear and fair for everyone to enjoy their Martial Arts classes. We also have everyone sign off on this policy before they start their journey, so there is transparency for all. If a student ever has a question or wanted more information about their particular membership, we always respond back and give the above details with clear dates of last bill or date of change to membership. You are still welcome to finish your last classes with us during your 31 day written change or cancellation period. We strive to be as open and honest with our policies and memberships as possible. Our members expect us to teach the classes promised and be respectful of their time spent with us. We hope for the same respect in return.

We love our students, staff, instructors and our Glenmore community. We will continue to provide exceptional character development skills, self defence, support for community fundraisers for our local Glenmore schools and overall Martial Arts skills. We hope you enjoy your journey with us and feel proud to spread the positive word about our club. Our club, just like our Facebook page, is a positive environment. We celebrate the good and positive. We feel that there is enough negativity in the world; so, out of respect to each other, our community and human kind, any negative posts or comments that hurt anyone will be taken down. If you do want to show your support, the best way to help us is to leave a positive 5 star review on Google reviews and on our our GMA Facebook page.



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