Bring A Buddy Week At GMA & Anti Cyber-Bullying Initiative

Mark your calendars for Bring A Buddy week 2019, February 25th- March 2nd!

During your regularly-scheduled class we welcome you to bring a friend. Show them your moves and let them join in on the Martial Arts fun! 
No pre-registration is necessary for your buddy, but we do need your buddy’s parents to sign the waiver (available at the club, or ask us to email you a printable PDF) when they bring them in.

Additionally, we welcome all members to wear a pink t-shirt with their belt to class in support of Anti Cyber Bullying Month at the club! If you don’t have a pink t-shirt, we have some of our G.M.A-branded Tees in pink available for purchase at the club!

Hope to see lots of students bringing a buddy to class and wearing their pink shirts!

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