3 Easy Ways To Keep Kids Active

3 Easy Ways To Keep Kids Active

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Kids have a lot of energy. And if they don’t have an outlet for that energy, the result is a lot of frustrations. Here are a few simple ways to keep kids active.

Walk to school

No, it might not always be possible, but if you live close to your child’s school, get out and start walking. Those 15 minutes of walking in the morning and after school can quickly add up.

Walking in the morning gets blood pumping and helps to burn any extra sugar in your child’s system. And walking home allows a nice, active transition from the rigours of school.

In winter you might look longingly at your car in the morning. However, simply add a few extra layers and keep walking. Kids spend more time inside in the winter and their walk to and from school might be their only source of exercise for the whole day.

Explore your backyard

How often do kids complain that they are bored? While they might have a pile of toys lying around inside the house, it’s the unlimited possibilities outside that offer the best advantage.

The next time your child is bored, send them outside. It’s quite amazing what they can create with just a pile of sticks and rocks.

If possible, spend some outside time with your kids to encourage a return to nature. Grow a garden, even if it’s a simple one.

Take the time to walk around your neighborhood and meet your neighbors. The more friends you can find on your street, the more eager your child will be to get outside and get moving.

Try out a local sport

Organized sport is important for kids. Not only does it provide much needed activity but it also helps with communication skills and teamwork.

There are a lot of organized sports to choose from so it can be a bit overwhelming where to start. Some sports, such as soccer and baseball, only run during specific seasons. Other sports, such as taekwondo and swimming, are offered year-round.

Ask your child what sports interests them. The more interested a child is to begin with, the more likely they will want to stick with that sport.

As parents, it’s your job to keep kids active. Start small and make every day full of fun activities.